Upcoming Gigs

Macca perform most weekends throughout the year, mainly private parties, company events which the general public, our fans and potential bookings can’t attend.
Therefore, rather than clog up this page with all the dates you can’t see us this year, we decided to simply list all the public dates you CAN catch us at this year:
Thanks again for your continued support in and we look forward to rocking with through 2016!
Colin, Carl, Paul, Colin and Ed \m/ xxxx 


Please enquire for our availability for any potential bookings via our ‘contact us‘ page or simply call Carl on: 07855 860 497.

Thank you.

Macca Music
Predict A Riot // Macca - Macca
  1. Predict A Riot // Macca - Macca
  2. Teenage Kicks // Macca - Macca
  3. Take Your Mamma Out // Macca - Macca
  4. Weather With You // Macca - Macca
  5. I Believe In A Thing Called Love // Macca - Macca
  6. Brown Sugar // Macca - Macca
  7. Hard Days Night // Macca - Macca
  8. Really Got Me // Macca - Macca
  9. I Saw Her Standing There // Macca - Macca